Feeling about Oasis: Supersonic (English)

Spoiler Alert! เวอร์ชันภาษาไทยคลิกที่นี่

Songs that are written by an extreme Introvert, Sung by an extreme Extrovert who understands the meaning the second best, are the unity of 2 Extremes. Performance is cool, souls touched, complete & powerful.

I like songs that Noel sing in the documentary. He expresses his genuine feeling. It moved me. I cried when I was listening. I felt as if I knew him well.

Moving away from domestic violence is the bravest thing mother could do to protect herself & her children. If she stayed, Oasis might not rise from the desert of the soul. She gives the positive influence to her kids. However, Children absorb aggressive behaviors from the father too, together with the feeling angry to their dad, give negative influence to them such as aggression and fractiousness.

I like this sentence “I am a cat.” also like when they say that (in conclusion) music & performance are ways to channel the negative energy into something good. This documentary makes me think of AMY Winehouse.

Photo Credit  https://www.facebook.com/DocumentaryClubTH/


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