Feeling about Oasis: Supersonic (English)

Spoiler Alert! เวอร์ชันภาษาไทยคลิกที่นี่

Songs that are written by an extreme Introvert, Sung by an extreme Extrovert who understands the meaning the second-best, are the unity of 2 Extremes. Performance is cool & powerful.I like songs that Noel sings in the documentary. He expresses his genuine feeling. I felt as if I knew him well.

Moving away from domestic violence is the bravest thing mother could do to protect herself & her children. If she stayed, Oasis might not rise from the desert of the soul. She has a positive influence on her kids. However, Children absorb aggressive behaviors from the father too, together with the feeling angry with their dad, give a negative impact on them, such as aggression and fractiousness.

I like this sentence, “I am a cat.” I also love when they say that music & performance are ways to channel the negative energy into something good. This documentary makes me think of AMY Winehouse.

Photo Credit  https://www.facebook.com/DocumentaryClubTH/


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